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Book 2: Unjust Love



Benjamin Bennett leads a lifestyle that many could only dream of. He’s a star quarterback, well educated, and he knows how to get what he wants. But what he stays clear from is love because his ambition and goals don’t align with it.

“I am a single man with laser-sharp focus on and off the field. Nowhere in that equation am I thinking about being in a committed relationship.” ~Benji~

Riana is sassy and all about herself. Her world consists of her career as a musician and she doesn’t see anything outside of it.. Though her intentions are good, she battles issues from the past that hinders her from truly moving forward in life, especially in the love department.

Benji and Riana think they have things figured out until heartbreak shatters each of them leaving no choice but to rebuild themselves. But will they rebuild together? 

One important thing they learn is no matter how much money you have or how many people wish for your life, some things can’t be avoided. 

Is it possible for them to move forward in a relationship or is it best to focus on themselves? Are the circumstances they’re being forced to confront too overwhelming to work through? Most importantly, will Benji and Riana be able to fight against an Unjust Love?


BENJI (6).png

My chest flew straight against the wall leaving me staring at the Basquiat artwork. Ri had a mean grip. I could feel her clawing at my back, “You full of it Benji. When will I find time to get my hair done now?” I turned around to face her and restrained both wrists before she created more damage to my body. “Ri, I’ll pay to get your hair done and push come to shove, I’ll find someone to come and fix it for you.”

“I don’t have time to get my hair redone. My schedule is jam-packed.” Listening to her whine, something stirred in my soul. I actually liked the girl, but at this moment mining for her gold was the objective. I gawked down at her and pulled her as close as I could. Her soaked body and the puddle below us reminded me to get out the foyer and shift to the carpeted room adjacent from us. “I got you, come on.” 

We walked into the nearest room and she sat on the leather sofa. I ran into the other room to grab towels and came back to tend to her. “Stand up, Ri.” I dabbed the towel on her face and continued down her body until I made it to her centerpiece. I carefully stuck the towel between her legs, drying each individually. Looking up at her, my knees made its way to the floor and I observed Ri biting her bottom lip as she placed her hands on top of my head. “When you gone cut all that damn hair off your head?” 

I motioned for her to sit down. As she relaxed, she parted her legs. She leaned back onto the couch as I slid the white bathing suit bottom to the side and kissed her bare lips, “That question isn’t important right now. I’m only concerned about one thing.”

I felt her shivering and attempting to close her legs. “Ri, do you want me to stop?” She gave a stern look and answered, “No.” But I was skeptical, I remember her drinking through the whole party and I didn’t want to do something against her better judgment. “Nah, we gon try this another time. I don’t wanna do this when you intoxicated.” 

My man downstairs pleaded with me, throbbing and pressing against my swim shorts. But I needed to think with my brain. As I stood up, Ri snatched my hands, “No, I said I want to do this. I’m not drunk. I know what I’m doing and saying,” she squealed. If I was reading her eyes correctly, then I knew she was ready to devour me whole. Before I continued, I wondered where Chelsea and Sean could be since I hadn’t heard a peep from them. The thought quickly faded when I saw Ri removing her top and bottom. She laid on the couch butt ass naked and I was damn sure drooling at her splayed out in front of me. 

“Damn Ri, you are beautiful, flaws and all.”

“Flaws? Where? Damn, you ruin everything!”

“What? I can’t let you think you got me wrapped around your finger. But for real, you do something to me.”

As I descended upon the chair she grabbed my shorts at the waistband and quickly pulled them down. My Johnson sprung out and popped the tip of her nose, leaving a wet spot on it. I chuckled, “See what happens when you get too close? That’s nine and a half almost ten inches right there.” We both laughed. 

“Yeah, you and your wood are disrespectful as hell, slapping me and shit.” We laughed again but this time, I leaned down and hovered over her, landing kisses all over her face. 

Her smell had me going in circles. I don’t know what pheromones she possessed, but all five of my senses were going haywire. My pecks made it to her navel and moans filled the room. I pushed her legs up, staring at the pink diamond ring hanging on the hood of her clit. My tongue circled around it, instantly her bud grew in size. 

“Ben—jiii,” she purred. My tongue lingered while I simultaneously finger fucked her center. “Benji, Imma cum like this,” she cried. Her words added fuel to what I was experiencing inside. 

Anxiously, I slid my hands underneath both butt cheeks, adding a firm squeeze that sent her through the roof as I aggressively tongued every inch of her. Her creampie filled my mouth and the wetness overflowed. I glanced up, teasing, “As wet as you are, there’s no way you ain't been wanting me.” She smirked with no verbal response and instead, Riana shook uncontrollably and seconds later, I could taste what she’d been harboring.

My erection was ready for its release and I was ready to go with it. I paused for a second realizing I had no condom. Shit… As bad as I wanted her, I wasn’t even prepared. Fuck my whole life, I thought. I could easily ask Sean for one but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. “Riana, uh, I don’t have a condom.”

“Here,” she reached behind the pillow on the sofa and handed it over. “Oh, so you ready ready? How the hell you do that and when?” I laughed but was truly shocked. “I figured your ass wouldn’t have it together, so I came prepared. I got it out my purse before I came running behind you and stuck it in my top.”

Instead of prolonging the conversation, I quickly tore it open and slid it on. Riana took the lead and shoved me onto the couch. She sat on top, straddling me with her hands clasped on the back of my neck. She sucked my bottom lip eventually kissing me fervently. The passion we shared was so intense that I forgot to breathe. 

She lifted her body up a bit to take my manhood inside of her. The task was more difficult than we thought. She was pretty tight and my girth presented an issue. Luckily, she was soaked which made it easier for me to push and pull until I was all the way in. 

Her movements began slow before catching a rhythm we both synced to. I gripped her, molding my arms around her body while she buried her face into my neck. She rode while I gyrated upward. “Damn you feel sooo good,” I growled. She increased her pace and so did her moans. The tunes flowing through her vocals were captivating and loud; I could only hope that Chelsea and Sean were far away on another level of the home.

Her overly seductive moans caused my body to wildly react, so I changed our position. I raised her up, flipping her onto her back. I reinserted myself and started pumping nice and slow. With every stroke, I watched my shaft disappear and reappear and the pink diamond clit ring glistened with her juices. 

The ring was enticing and turned me on even more. I found myself banging her insides and my movements only got faster. “Yeeesss, baby, just like that,” Ri squirmed. Why did she go and call me baby? Instantly, I stopped all motion and positioned her on all fours. I barely gave her a second to brace herself for my fat stick. 

“Ooohhh, Benj—, shiiit.” I slapped her butt cheeks and watched them clap. I pounded her backside as she gripped the arms of the couch. Instead of holding onto her waist for balance, I mounted over her caging her in like an animal while squeezing her breast and playing with her nipples. 

Ri tried to escape the beating I was giving her, “Stop running girl. I thought you don’t fuck with young niggas? Take that shit!” Her body shuddered at the thunder of my voice and I could feel her walls tightening. 

I leaned against her spine, making sure she heard every word that was about to escape my mouth. “You been dodging me for years but now I want you to acknowledge that my age has nothing to do with what I can offer you. Understood?” 

She let out a faint whimper, “Wait, why are you slowing down? Keep going.” 

“Not until you admit you were wrong about this dick. And I want you to tell me what you want out of this.” I stopped moving all at once at the last word. 

She banged her balled fist against the chair with frustration, “No, Benji don’t do this now. Just a few more strokes, pleeeeaaase…” She turned her head to face me and I stared back smiling, knowing I had full control and she was near her climax. 

“Don’t worry about it, when you figure it out, holla at me.” I was almost fully out of her when she threw her ass back against my shaft, forcing it all in. But she responded, “Benji, I like you and yes, you are more capable then I’d like to admit. Your dick, your personality, you’re smart as hell and fine. But I don’t want us to kiss and tell. Let’s have fun and keep it simple. Now keep stroking!”

I didn’t expect to hear her say that but I was fine with it. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I did get tired of her belittling me about everything. So, with that out the way, I was cool.

I crashed inside her, slamming into her from the back, making sure to give exactly what she’d asked for. “Lift that ass, girl. Are you still running? I’ve chased you long enough, don’t you think?” I joked while tugging at her hair. 

Riana was in a euphoric state as she hissed. I was unrelenting and glad to deliver. I felt her convulsing and my time was near as well, so I picked up the pace as we finished together, with me toppling over her.

I heard movement in the hall, as we laid there. Looking at each other we smiled. I moved off of her and sat up. Ri cocked her head back, “Damn, we foul as hell. Having sex naked, with no cares in the world, like this our place. Which room will we christen next?” 

Our laugh occupied the room as we got dressed. I wasn’t sure where Ri and I would go from here but I knew this was just the beginning.

BENJI (7).png

I stared at the green Andretti sign that illuminated in front of me while sitting in my car. It was a little after 9 pm and I was waiting on Santos to arrive. He insisted on picking me up from my hotel but I convinced him I needed some alone time and would meet him at the spot. Since finishing the show the day before, I’ve had people around me constantly. The only two people near me now were my security guards, who trailed me. 

I was excited to meet Santos. We’d been dating for about five months and things were cool. Every time we got together it was always fun, but I wasn’t a fan of him always being a yes man. No matter what I ask or say, he always agreed. Maybe I was being foolish and would get over it. 

My phone vibrated, “❤️BFF Chelsea❤️” popped up on my iPhone screen.

“Girrrl, where you been?” Chelsea questioned without allowing me to say hello. 

“Chelsea, I FaceTimed you this morning,” I chuckled.

“Duh, I know that, but I been calling you for the past hour and wanted to make sure you were cool since you were down about your parents.” 

“Yeah, I’m good. Actually, I’m in the car waiting on Santos, in front of Andretti.”

“Oh, really? Y’all seem to be going strong. What about Benji?”

“Mhm, you being nosey?”

“Oh bitch, don’t do that because you stay in my business. All you ask about is Sean and our sex life. At least I ain't ask why you fucking Benji and Santos at the same time.”

I rolled my eyes because I too, had no answer to that question. I have been crushing on Benji on and off since I’d met him. Ironically, Andretti was one of the first places I hung out with him. 

Yep, May 2012 was lit for my twenty-first birthday and Chelsea was turning twenty-two. She invited Sean and Benji to our party, but the following day she wanted to hang with Sean privately and asked me to tag along. That’s when I learned more about Benji and we flirted something crazy. But it never went past friends, flirting and joking; until recently. Just thinking about our rendezvous caused my body to have an immediate reaction to all the nasty stuff we did to, and with, each other.

“Damn you all right Ri, you mighty quiet over there?”

“My bad. I was reminiscing about Benji.  I think I need to throw my whole vagina away.”

Giggles filled the air. 

“Hell nah, Ri. That nigga doing it like that? Shiiit, I believe you. Sean got me pretty twisted myself.”

“Chelsea, for real. This is crazy, I can still feel my bud thumping at the thought of him. I’m searching for a napkin as we speak.”

Chelsea kept laughing but I continued shaking my head. I was tripping.

Bright blue lights flashed as Santos parked his black Audi R8 in front of me.

“He’s here, I’ll hit you up later.”

“Cool, but if not, make sure you text me when you make it back to your room.”

“I will love ya.”

“Love you too Riana.”

I watched my snack make his way towards my car. His chocolate ass was fine.  His straight white teeth stood in full sight, as he opened my car door, grabbing my hand to escort me out. 

“Hey, gorgeous.”

“Hey babe,” I grinned from ear to ear, eyeing him from head to toe. His line-up was precise and his jet-black curly hair looked flawless with a temp fade haircut. Next, my eyes moved on to the crisp black t-shirt that hugged him perfectly along with his gray sweatpants and Jordans. He was dressed like he wanted to be taken advantage of later. “You ready to go inside? The way you’re biting the side of your lip makes me think different,” Santos teased while I smiled, kissing him on the lips. 

Once inside, we grabbed a table and a bite to eat. “So, what’s up baby? We usually talk daily but our conversations been coming up short lately.”

“Santos, I’ve been really busy. At least I manage to talk to you every day. I've been at rehearsals, the studio, touring, and life been hitting me left to right.”

His long lashes fluttered, as he gave me that ‘yeah right’ look. He leaned in a bit, “I have a busy schedule as well, but I make time for what I want. Today, I was supposed to be in DC working on a major production. They need me to illustrate a few things to match their vision. And after that, I had a business meeting for another project, as an animator. But I rescheduled both because I needed one on one time with you and since I was already in Atlanta, I stayed.”

“You’re right, I’ll do better. But don’t expect me to drop everything. You knew how hectic my schedule was when we started talking. You said it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know how bad it would be.”

“You wanna break up?” I asked with irritation.

“I didn’t say that,” Santos answered with concern.

“I know, but I don’t want you feeling stuck with me.”

“Let’s just enjoy our night Riana. We’ll be fine.”

The waiter picked up our empty dishes and I excused myself to the restroom. Walking in, I was grateful it was empty. The moment we walked into the building, all eyes were on us. I knew what fame brought, but I missed being “normal” and having fun without my privacy being exposed for the world to see. All of that went out the window a little after my twenty-first birthday when I signed my first record deal. 

My phone went off in my back pocket as I was drying my hands, pulling it out and looking, my heart skipped all types of beats. If there was such a thing, my heart would have hit the floor. “☠️No Good Benji💀,” shined as he FaceTimed me. 

I quickly looked in the mirror. My hair was in its naturally curly state in a high ponytail, with curls serving bangs on my forehead. I rocked blue jean cut up shorts, with a casual button-up shirt. 

“What Benji?”

He licked his lips and blew a kiss, “Hey, my love.”

“Why you playin’ me like that?”

“Just speaking my mind.”

“Haven’t heard from you in a few weeks Benji, you good?”

“Phone calls work both ways you know. If you wanted me, you woulda called. See, I’m calling you because I miss you.” 

I leaned back on the sink, with no words. I stared at his topless chest, his hair spread wild on the bed, as he lay there. I don’t know why but my finger ended inside my mouth, my teeth gently tugging at my nail, “I miss you too, Benjamin Makai Bennett.”

With raised brows, “Hmmm, you using my full name now? That kinda turns me on…” 

I smiled keeping it cool. “We’ll see each other soon and when we do—.”

He smirked, “Yeah, keep going. When we do, what? Never mind, no need to finish the statement.” 

We talked a bit longer but I noticed we’d been on the phone for four minutes, I knew Santos would wonder what was going on so I cut the call short.

“I have to go Benji.”


“Damn you salty? I’m out that’s all,” I said it with more compassion than I cared too.

“Oh nah, I ain't trippin. I was letting you go that’s all.”

“Mmhmm.” We stared for a few seconds. Neither one of us wanting to end the call.

“Enjoy your night Riana. Be careful out there and call me if you need me.”

“Thanks, Benji, Goodnight.”

The phone went blank as he ended the call.


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Sean and Chelsea's story had the drama, comedic flare, love, and plenty of sex. A friend's to lover story. Strong, bold, and smart female who didn't take crap from anyone. Male had to mature into a man, but handled his business. Lots Lots of obstacles and barriers to overcome but worth the fight. Like the supporting characters.

Hands down the best read I've had in a while. I love Sean's personality and his story with Chelsea. This book had some much action and my emotions were everywhere! I found myself happy, sad, angry and shed a few tears. But OMG I love the other characters too. Riana had me dying laughing. I can not wait for the next series. I hope you do Benjis story next!!

I cried and laugh through the whole story. The love Chelsea and Sean shared felt so real. Very relatable but more than anything the story was a mix of love, drama, hurt but the ending was everything. I love a man that has a heart but can show the hell out if they have too. I’m ready for part 2. Hope it’s Benji this time and Riana because Riana is funny as crap.

Great story to read and kept me wanting more. Chelsea was a freak for Sean and was the same for her. This is a great friends to lovers read. I wonder if they invited Randall since they were cool now. I know this next book gonna be a hot mess with benji and riana nasty self.

This book was so real I felt like I was watching it on t v. Everyone had an awesome part, not planned just lived. You are an excellent writer keep up the good work. I was so busy reading the two books I didn't leave a review for the first book now I can.

Loved Benji and Riana. Benji was so sure of himself. cocky and confident. All sexy traits. Glad to see his family issues didn't become his downfall. Riana had her own issues and dealt with them a lot differently, but the two balanced one another out, even though Riana tried to fight it. Great read.

I enjoyed this story and already looking forward to the next one in the Bennett series. This story had drama, humor, and most of all steamy love scenes. Ri was a bit high strong at times and I think Benji was able to mellow her out. They both did their share of dealing with other people, but they always made their way back to each other. The story had some interesting turns with the other characters and the struggles they had to be overcome. I would definitively recommend you give this book a go. well done Ms. Marie.

The second story was good. Some of the rehash from the first book was spot on. The family dynamic on both parts in the story was deep. Family secrets can be a force to reckon with. Let's see what happens with the third Bennett brother.

I read the first book I liked it. When I saw the second book was out, I knew I had to read it. Once again I was not disappointed. Cant wait for the next story in the Bennett series.

This book was so freaking good
From the story line to the characters
I can’t wait to read more form the author

Whew... Benji & Rianna were taken through the wringer in Unjust Love; by each other and their families! It seemed that every time they took two steps forward, life happened and the setbacks seemed as if they would never stop. Although they were both highly successful in their respective careers, that didn't stop them from experiencing things would have broken the average person. I was so happy that through it all they were able to find their happily ever after!

Now I am ready for Lexi & Shooter... Like really ready for these two as well as Imani and Sebastien.

Beautiful story
Kinda wish the 3rd book was out already
But this was a really good read.
Black Love
Thats life

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