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A Bennett Affair is a series based on successful brothers delving into their own journey of life. Ironically, love comes for each one of them at different times with different experiences.

Book 1: Fearless Love



Sean B is an overly attractive man with a lot of pull, who’s able to navigate well in life. He’s an artist with several businesses under his belt, not to mention, he was once a professional football player but an injury ended his career. He has the money, fame, and Chelsea, who he considers as one of his best friends. Though they’ve been platonic friends for six years, there’s something brewing in Sean that he can’t seem to tame. 

Chelsea is the definition of a strong-willed independent woman, who has everything under control as she steps out on new ventures in the entertainment business. She’s level-headed and stable but her past hurts from her notorious son’s father prevents her from fully giving LOVE a chance. 

As close as these two are, could Sean convince Chelsea to get over her fear of LOVE? 
If so, will she give him a try? 
Is it possible to become fearless in LOVE?

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The line outside was still long and it was a little after one am. 1 Oak was thick, and I could only imagine what the inside held. “Chelsea, oh wow, it’s great to see you supporting your friend Sean. You are here for him, right?” I looked at her with a slight smile and kept walking. These paparazzi people were a trip. 

The speakers blasted Drake’s song, 🎶 ‘Mob Ties’ as I walked in. I quickly tried to make my way to VIP where I saw Sean’s security and his whole entourage. 

The club was beautifully decorated as the chandelier lights shined throughout the club, illuminating the space giving it a scenic look. The ambiance in the club was a whole vibe and the partygoers added to it by being all the way turnt. The crowds were starting to notice me, and I saw people with their phones out trying to snap. I didn’t care to make a scene, I always been quite shy in a sense, but people would never know it. 

Finally, I made it near VIP and security escorted me up. Sean didn’t know of my arrival, and I was glad because I wanted to surprise him.

The VIP section had the plushest seating areas I’d ever seen. The caramel leather seats sat high and the vaulted ceilings were amazing. This area had a different type of lighting that set a tone of sophistication. 

Champagne juices flew everywhere. The bottle girls weren’t playing that night, they wore white shorts that showed 80% of their butt cheeks and the bra like shirts were see through. Nonetheless, all the girls were beautiful, and they made sure the VIP section was secure. 

The man I sought out stood in plain sight. I saw Sean with his homeboy Dion, over the gold rail talking and looking down at the crowd, bobbing their heads. Sean’s style was a whole mood. I noticed his big gold SB chain around his neck, glistening so damn bright, with diamond cuts running all through it. He rocked some white pants with a fitted green and yellow Gucci shirt and some all black Yeezys. Seeing his muscle physique through the shirt put the icing on the cake. He outdid the mess out of his fit.

I crept up, wrapping my arms around him, while still trying to conceal my identity. I rapped the lyrics that were now blasting. Obviously, he heard and noticed my voice over the loud music and crowd. Without looking back, he brushed his hands over my arms then placed his hands on top of mine.

“So you made it after all?” I could see his smile despite him facing the crowd. As quick as he said that, he turned to face me and hugged me. I set my face right above his stomach, inhaling the mesmerizing whiff of his cologne. The smell of him alone would drive anyone crazy. We were both happy to see each other and we started turnin’ up to the music. 

We were face to face rapping, singing, dancing and the night continued with the rest of the VIP guests. Then his new hit song came on and the club went off the wall. Sean was amped, the song only been out for 24 hours but yet the club goers knew it. So, I got in his face and started rapping his own lyrics to him.


🎶 “I got the drip and these fuck niggas mad

Baggin they bitches while I turn up my swag

Pulling up in my new Lambo Veneno

$10.5 Million, what the fuck does he know?”


Before I could finish rapping and vibing, he joined me, and the crowd hailed.

“Yass fuck it up, sis!” 

“Are y’all together?” 

“Oh my God, Sean!” 

“We love you, Chelsea!” 

“You better bag her bruh.”

I got real big headed. From the looks of it, we were a hit! Just like that my headache was gone or at least I forgot about it. About an hour in, I knew I needed to go. I had to be back on set at eight am. I congratulated Sean and we exchanged a few words but then he followed me out. We went through a secret exit so the fans wouldn’t notice him. 

Walking out the back door, I observed how clear the sky appeared and the stars beamed brightly at us. The cool night’s air made me feel good. More importantly, I managed to come out and support Sean. Once outside, Sean wrapped his arms around my neck and started talking, “When did you learn the lyrics to my song? Cause in the studio, you act like you weren’t listening.” 

I laughed. That day was crazy in the studio, but I didn’t miss a beat. “Of course, I listened. I’m your friend and one of your biggest supporters, Sean.” He seemed happy to hear that, but only replied with his eyes and licking his lips, while nodding slowly.

“Well, I’m a fan of yours too, you know. So how was your first day of filming? I mean, it’s a new show for you and you are a series regular now, which means you will be working a lot with this cast. Are you still up for it? This is what you wanted!” 

Looking up at him I smiled, “Yeah, it was great but long. I met so many cool people, and I had a few fans too, which made me feel good. I’m just not sure I’m ready to make that big move here from Atlanta.” 

He gave me a puzzled look. “What you mean, I thought that’s what you wanted? Is it the finances, fear or…?” 

“No, my finances are fine. I just don’t want to leave Camden.”

“Oh ok, I understand. Well, you know I got you if needed. I will always have your back, Chelsea.” I could see the concern in Sean’s face but I also knew he meant every word. 

We were quiet for a while, which led me to think how great of a friend and support we had been to each other. We met six years prior and been good friends ever since. Honestly, Sean was someone I talked to about everything. He knew who I been talking too and things that I wouldn’t share with the average person. I even knew who he smashed and the crazy things he would go out and do. Our bond was unbreakable.

BENJI (8).png

A cool breeze hit my face while wrapping my arms around Chelsea. I loved hearing about her progress in life. She’s a hard worker that’s ambitious as hell and she had become a very good friend of mine. 

Despite how fine she was, I knew I couldn’t ever take it there. I watched her, admiring how beautiful she was as her form-fitting dress hugged her physique. Her slim waist was very visible and her sun-kissed skin from her legs and face radiated underneath the stars. She may be short but every feature on her body compliments her well. 

Then my mind went back to hearing her rap my lyrics in the club, which made me feel something extra for her and the thought made my dick throb. I was glad, I knew then she either been bumping my music non-stop or she really had been in tune when I recorded that night in the studio. In reality, her magnetic energy intrigued me and I felt so much support from her. I could only imagine what the blogs would have up in the morning.

Peering down with a smile, I watched her picture-perfect full lips. The way she exaggerated with her thin eyebrows while trying to prove a point always made me laugh. Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t even notice her getting quiet. In a whisper, she asked, “Sean what the hell is wrong with you, why are you staring at me in a daze?” 

I gawked down at her for a second and brushed the tip of my fingers on her small pointy nose, “Nothing, just thinking about life and how blessed we are.” Of course, I lied, not wanting to tell her how fond I’d been of her at the moment. 

She pushed me back and laughed not buying my lie. All of a sudden, we could hear the crickets. We were silent, which was rare because we never had a dry moment. Our conversations were always live, but tonight not so much. I gently pushed her back, “So when the next time we’re getting up with each other? It’s been a while since we sat down for dinner to catch up.” Chelsea and I chatted on the phone at least once a week and we would meet up in person anytime we were in the same area.

She let out a long sigh, “I don’t even know… My schedule is so busy that I can’t even wrap my mind around anything. But how can you ask me that when you’re the one that’s about to be on tour for like six months? Not to mention all the deals you have going on. I’m sure we won’t be talking much anyway.” Damn, she sounded concerned. I smiled, realizing I felt the same way about her too. I had been calling her, but our talks were so brief due to the increase of roles she received, but I was happy for her. That didn’t change the fact that I did miss confiding in her. 

“That’s why I’m asking you now about us finding time while you here in LA!”

After hearing me get smart and avoiding my statement, she looked back up at me and moved in closer, holding my hands with our fingers linked. “Sean you are so good to me you know that? Every time I need someone to listen to me rant you’re there. Even when you don’t answer, you always find a way to reply back and I appreciate that.” 

“So, what are you saying Chelsea?” She leaned in and rested her head on my chest. We had to be standing there just breathing each other in for a solid five minutes. 

I knew then why it seemed different. Our emotions had caught up to us and our bond had grown exponentially. But I knew she wouldn’t want to go further than that. 

“Oh my god, standing here with you, I forgot to let Nick know to pick me up… Ugh,” Chelsea shouted and pulled out her phone. 

My nose flared, “Who’s Nick?” 

“Oh, I forgot we haven’t talked much lately. Yeah, that’s part of my package deal. My agent negotiated for the production to pay for my room, travel fees, and a few miscellaneous things. I chose a driver as part of it. I really hate driving in LA traffic.” 

I understood that, but I didn’t want her riding late with no man, driver or not. “How about I get my driver to take you back to your hotel and I can ride if you want me too?” 

“No, Sean I’ll be fine; Besides you need to go back inside, the party will be ending soon an—” before she could finish her statement…

“Yeah, Sean, everyone’s been looking for you. Why you out here hiding?” Lexi yelled while coming out the back door of the club and observing Chelsea. “Oh, hey Chelsea. You came out to the club to get you a man, huh? I can tell by your outfit you’re looking for one.” 

Chelsea seemed unbothered but ranted back, “Girl please, you know damn well men flock to me regardless. I ain’t nothing like you, besides, you the one that’s been with everybody in the industry, right?”

Lexi being an amazing artist would be an understatement because she holds many accolades in her field. But she also has a reputation that follows her for being an industry hoe. I didn’t invite her to my album release party but somehow, she showed up. Surprisingly many came through. Rappers, singers, actors and all types were in attendance. But my only concern at the moment was making sure Chelsea got back to her hotel safely. 

Chelsea hadn’t moved away from me since Lexi came out. Chelsea stood in front of me but against me. Her back touching my abs and her butt touching my groin area. I don’t think she noticed since she stood listening to Lexi shout. Chelsea knew I had sex with Lexi before and of course, Lexi never cared for me and Chelsea’s friendship either. Shoot, even the media would throw rumors around about us dating, and though I wish they were true, it wasn’t.

“Lexi why you out here checking for me? I didn’t even invite you.” She looked hurt as she dropped her head down sobbing with tears. “Fuck you, Sean! It’s easy for you to say when you don’t give a fuck about no one else’s feelings.” She stormed back in leaving Chelsea and I standing there.

I noticed Chelsea hitting the send button for her driver, so I knew there was no point of stopping her now. As the all black Denali pulled up, Chelsea turned back around to face me. “Sean, I’m so fucking happy for you right now. I guess those sleepless hours you put in is paying off. You really inspire me and I hope we can always be there for one another.” 

“Ssshh,” I whispered, placing one finger to her lips, pulling her closer to me. The aroma she possessed held me captive. I was losing it.

Glaring down, biting my bottom lip, I stroked her shoulders eventually making it down her back until it landed on her waist. We mounted like statues as I took in her hypnotic eyes. She twitched, while her hands laid still on the back of my arms. Her fingers danced in slow motion over my skin. I could sense her breathing pattern changing as she started moving her legs together in a way that made me think she was hot and bothered in between her legs. I was turned on than a motherfucka and I was sure she could feel my erectness touching her belly. 

I leaned down placing a kiss on her forehead. She gripped me tighter, so I went to kiss her lips but she pulled away. “Unh unh Sean,” she pouted. It was at that moment I knew I was out of control. I fucking wanted her but didn’t want to fuck shit up. 

“Sean, I gotta go. I’ll text you when I make it back to the room.” I nodded and walked her to the door, opening it for her, “Goodnight Chelsea.” 

“Goodnight Sean.” 

I watched the car drive off until it disappeared.


Strong is the new beautiful. (2).png

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Sean and Chelsea's story had the drama, comedic flare, love, and plenty of sex. A friend's to lover story. Strong, bold, and smart female who didn't take crap from anyone. Male had to mature into a man, but handled his business. Lots Lots of obstacles and barriers to overcome but worth the fight. Like the supporting characters.

Hands down the best read I've had in a while. I love Sean's personality and his story with Chelsea. This book had some much action and my emotions were everywhere! I found myself happy, sad, angry and shed a few tears. But OMG I love the other characters too. Riana had me dying laughing. I can not wait for the next series. I hope you do Benjis story next!!

I cried and laugh through the whole story. The love Chelsea and Sean shared felt so real. Very relatable but more than anything the story was a mix of love, drama, hurt but the ending was everything. I love a man that has a heart but can show the hell out if they have too. I’m ready for part 2. Hope it’s Benji this time and Riana because Riana is funny as crap.

Great story to read and kept me wanting more. Chelsea was a freak for Sean and was the same for her. This is a great friends to lovers read. I wonder if they invited Randall since they were cool now. I know this next book gonna be a hot mess with benji and riana nasty self.

This book was so real I felt like I was watching it on t v. Everyone had an awesome part, not planned just lived. You are an excellent writer keep up the good work. I was so busy reading the two books I didn't leave a review for the first book now I can.

Loved Benji and Riana. Benji was so sure of himself. cocky and confident. All sexy traits. Glad to see his family issues didn't become his downfall. Riana had her own issues and dealt with them a lot differently, but the two balanced one another out, even though Riana tried to fight it. Great read.

I enjoyed this story and already looking forward to the next one in the Bennett series. This story had drama, humor, and most of all steamy love scenes. Ri was a bit high strong at times and I think Benji was able to mellow her out. They both did their share of dealing with other people, but they always made their way back to each other. The story had some interesting turns with the other characters and the struggles they had to be overcome. I would definitively recommend you give this book a go. well done Ms. Marie.

The second story was good. Some of the rehash from the first book was spot on. The family dynamic on both parts in the story was deep. Family secrets can be a force to reckon with. Let's see what happens with the third Bennett brother.

I read the first book I liked it. When I saw the second book was out, I knew I had to read it. Once again I was not disappointed. Cant wait for the next story in the Bennett series.

This book was so freaking good
From the story line to the characters
I can’t wait to read more form the author

Whew... Benji & Rianna were taken through the wringer in Unjust Love; by each other and their families! It seemed that every time they took two steps forward, life happened and the setbacks seemed as if they would never stop. Although they were both highly successful in their respective careers, that didn't stop them from experiencing things would have broken the average person. I was so happy that through it all they were able to find their happily ever after!

Now I am ready for Lexi & Shooter... Like really ready for these two as well as Imani and Sebastien.

Beautiful story
Kinda wish the 3rd book was out already
But this was a really good read.
Black Love
Thats life

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