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Inaudible Shots Pre-Order

Years after thinking I'd never do it again

It finally happened

I fell

And so damn hard

This time... I embraced it with open arms

Even when I didn't know if it would be returned

My ex once told me, ain't no training camp vigilant enough to put me in tip-top shape for when Karma comes around. Well… Tonight she had caught me slipping.

~Randall Neal~

As always, I try to let you all know what's happening before the rest of the world, so...

Randall is the first to branch off with his own story stemming from a Bennett Affair Series. The PREORDER Link is attached below.

And for those who are dying to hear from Shooter, he is my MAIN priority. Don't worry I'm on it. Hopefully, Randall and the next couple of surprises keep you entertained until then.

The full series for A Bennett Affair is complete. As well as the Champion Sisters Series.





#HappyReading and #HappyBlackHistoryMonth

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