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Social Media/Content Marketing Manager

Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

Are you a creative and strategic thinker with a passion for social media, marketing, content creation, and ad management? We're seeking a talented and experienced Social Media/Content Marketing Manager to join our team. In this role, you will play a crucial part in shaping our online presence, driving brand engagement, and reaching our target audience effectively, all while creating and managing ads for growth. 

Key Responsibilities

  1. Content Strategy and Planning: Develop and implement a comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Plan and schedule content across various platforms, ensuring consistency and alignment with overall marketing goals. 

  2. Content Creation: Create engaging and visually appealing content, including written posts, images, videos, and graphics. Craft and curate compelling, on-brand, and relevant content that resonates with our audience. 

  3. Social Media Management: Manage and monitor social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Engage with the online community, respond to comments, and foster meaningful interactions. 

  4. Audience Growth and Engagement: Implement strategies to grow our social media following and foster community engagement. Monitor and analyze social media metrics to adapt content and strategies for better performance. 

  5. Digital Marketing Campaigns and Ad Management: Plan and execute digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms, email marketing, and other online channels. Create, manage, and optimize paid ads to drive growth, conversions, and engagement. 

  6. SEO and Keyword Optimization: Conduct keyword research and implement SEO best practices to enhance the visibility of our content and website. Stay current with search engine algorithm changes and industry trends. 

  7. Analytics and Reporting: Generate and analyze social media and website analytics to track the performance of content and campaigns. Provide regular reports and insights to make data-driven decisions. 

  8. Content Calendar Management: Maintain a content calendar to ensure timely delivery of content and campaigns. Collaborate with the team to align content with product launches, events, and promotions.

*Tasks included on this list may change according to author's needs.


  • Proven experience as a Social Media/Content Marketing Manager or similar role.

  • Excellent writing, editing, and communication skills.

  • Proficiency in using social media management tools, ad platforms, and analytics.

  • Strong understanding of SEO and keyword optimization.

  • Creative mindset with the ability to think outside the box.

  • Familiarity with content marketing trends and best practices.

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.

  • Graphic design and video editing skills are a plus.

  • A degree in marketing, communication, or a related field.

Feel free to apply even if you do not meet the degree requirements. Work experience will be considered if all requirements aren't meant.

About Us

At our organization, you will become an essential part of our small, closely-knit team supporting an author and their various businesses. We believe there are numerous compelling reasons for you to consider joining us as a Social Media/Content Marketing Manager:

  • Unleash Your Creativity: You'll have the creative freedom to shape and execute marketing strategies, create engaging content, and develop unique ad campaigns, all while supporting a multi-faceted professional's diverse interests and business ventures.

  • Growth Opportunities: We provide a platform for personal and professional growth. Take on challenging projects, learn from experienced professionals, and advance your career in the dynamic fields of social media and marketing, while contributing to the success of a versatile creative and entrepreneur.

  • Impactful Work: Contribute to meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns and content that reach a broad audience, working closely with the author and their assistant to promote literary excellence, and various business success.

  • Collaborative Culture: We foster a collaborative and supportive work environment within our small team. Collaborate closely with the author, their assistant, and your colleagues to grow personally and professionally, supporting a wide range of creative and business projects.

  • Flexibility: Choose between a remote or office-based work environment, accommodating your preferences and lifestyle while supporting diverse creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Innovation and Learning: We value staying on the cutting edge of marketing trends and digital tools, offering opportunities to experiment with innovative strategies and continue your professional development, all while contributing to the success of a multi-faceted professional and their various ventures.

  • Positive Company Culture: Our small organization maintains a positive and inclusive company culture that values creativity, diversity, and open communication, while contributing to the success of a versatile creative and entrepreneur.

  • Variety of Projects: You'll have the chance to work on a wide variety of projects, from content creation to ad management, ensuring that no two days are the same while supporting a diverse range of creative and business activities.

  • Competitive Compensation: We offer competitive compensation packages, recognizing and rewarding the value you bring to our small, close-knit team.

  • Making a Difference: By joining our small team, you become part of a group of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the digital marketing world, helping to grow our brand, and supporting the success of a versatile creative and entrepreneur across their many interests and businesses.

  • Personal Development: We provide opportunities for skill development, training, and mentorship to help you reach your full potential in the fields of content creation and marketing, while being a vital part of our team that contributes to various creative and business projects.

  • Contribution to Success: You'll directly contribute to our small team's success and the success of a versatile creative and entrepreneur, seeing the real impact of your work on a daily basis across a wide array of projects and ventures.

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