Women's Retreat

Being a woman and tough at her chosen career, Donnia Marie is just the right and suitable speaker for other women. She has been an effective speaker from seminar to women retreats. She serves as a good keynote speaker that tackles key topics for women and a productive facilitator during retreats and seminars.

Women are now powerful in terms of running things that are used to be done by men. They are also tagged with the feminist movement to give awareness on the rights of every woman and educate them with the things that they actually don’t think they are capable of doing. In her program, she helps women to truly understand the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Donnia Marie’s program for women involves interactions, speeches, and methodologies in achieving their goals and dreams in life without taking for granted the values and their priorities as well as responsibilities.

women empowerment, retreat, friends, girls
women empowerment, friends, girls trip
women empowerment, retreat, breast cancer survivors