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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I get asked a lot about how I travel so much and many think as a Life Coach, I have plenty of money to spend. Well, let me tell you something, “I am not RICH but I STILL LOVE TRAVELING!” Who said it takes a lot of money to travel? I too thought it cost a lot to travel until I learned a few tricks.



  3. FREE VACATION WITH EVENTS (Beyonce & Jayz Tour, Kevin Hart Show, Concerts, Sam Smith, Sports Games & More)

I remember one of the first major trips I took when I was 21 years old with my son and boyfriend. We went to Florida and of course, wanted to go to Disney World. When I price checked for us 3 the total was over $700 and that was just the theme park price. Are you kidding me? At least that's what I was thinking. What about the hotel, flight or car ride? I lived in Atlanta, GA, so driving 6 hours wasn’t going to hurt. But then I had to think quickly, as money was tight for us at the time. I googled a million things (How to travel cheap, free Disney tickets, free travel) you name it, I probably looked it up. Then I read about timeshares, which I wasn’t too fond of at the time because I didn’t want to sit through no presentation. A week later I thought about it and decided to try it out, I mean for just an hour of sitting in a presentation, they would give me 2 free Disney tickets and a 4 day 3-night stay at a top-notch resort, all for $99!

Fast forward a few days later, we went and didn’t even sit for the full hour while collecting our tickets. We paid for 1 kid ticket because it was cheaper, and decided to use the 2 free tickets on us. Needless to say, the trip was a success. Oh and no we didn’t purchase the timeshare and they did not harass us either. After returning home, I became obsessed with traveling and wanted the next big deal. From there we found sites that offered reduce prices but didn’t have to sit for no time-share. We did this for a couple of years until we decided to get a timeshare at Westgate in Orlando. We purchased because we liked the travel club partners where we could travel several times a year and allowed us to stay wherever in the world for less than $200 for a full week and we are talking beautiful resorts. Of course, this didn’t include the flights, so I decided to find a way to travel free.

That’s when I discovered credit cards with travel rewards. In todays market I found Chase Sapphire Travel card is the best, as when you sign up you get an instant $650 worth of travel credits for any flight (Delta, Southwest, United or any flight)! So now we have the travel clubs and a credit card that accumulate points for flights. DO NOT get a card and spend it and not pay it off. (I have a blog on how to boost your credit in less than 3 months) I used my card responsibly. If I spent $1,000 that month then by the due date I paid the whole $1,000 back. You don’t want to accrue interest, you just want to use the card for all your bills or whatever you need that you know you can pay right back with your paycheck or whatever cash you got. Can you imagine getting 2x for every dollar you spend? I also love the Barclay Arrival card too but again it’s all about being responsible.

For those that don’t want to go the extra mile to look for credit cards, feel free to click here for cheap vacation packages. Whether you want to travel in the US or overseas, this is for you. Get out and enjoy yourself. If you love cruises then these PACKAGES fit you too. As I tell all my clients, everyone desires different things and for you, I assume traveling may be essential, if so click here and get ready for your vacation. If there are any questions feel free to email

Sometimes people don't have time to search for their own trip and if thats you contact

NBDREAM TRAVEL (Great Travel Agent)

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