Do you need any advice about a relationship, love, finances, career, or any other issues? DonniaMarie Coaching is it. Life Coach DonniaMarie or her chosen coaches will change your way of perceiving situations. With her distinctive style and experience as a keynote speaker, be prepared and eager to roll out your internal and external improvements throughout your life. There is nothing that prepares you for all the difficulties and decisions life presents but at least you can make a difference.

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The statement is clear. “Remove negative thoughts, bad habits and issues.” You just have to allow yourself to adapt on the significant changes in your life. Don’t think too much for these are just challenges that you need to overcome. Sometimes, it's a matter of time to get what you want. You can never force life to give you only the happiness that you expect. Remember, life can never be fulfilling without hardships.

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The first step is always crucial yet it is effective to initiate your direction. Your first step is also the linking factor for you to achieve your goals in life. If you can overcome your fears by initiating your first step then you can always keep moving forward no matter how hard it is to follow the journey that you are having.

Look inside, discover solutions, and get direction. One of the best ways to do that is to get a life coach. Your motivation for your actions gets you to the right direction. Focus and determination will bring you to your ideal destination while becoming the person that you always wanted to be. The motivation in your action also determines your success or failure.

Career consulting with Donnia Marie helps you in terms of goal clarity, resume and interview skills, navigating office dynamics, balance work, life and family, earning the money you deserve, and breaking through barriers. No wonder she makes a great keynote speaker!

Leadership qualities, management skills, create ideal corporate culture, giving and receiving feedback, team building, and effectiveness is what she is specialized on as she hosts and speaks on college programs and for young adults, women retreats and seminars as well as workshops and events.

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Your Greatest Self.


Everyone says they want success but who is one to define success. We all have our own thought on success. Since we have our own opinion, that means we have to discover our own self. Who are we? What do we desire to be? What will make us happy? What is our relationship like?  We can't reach our full potential without learning to let go of our past and recognizing why we are the person we are today. The person we are today usually is a lot different than the person we were yesterday. We figure who we are and how to overcome our challenge and that will help us find find our greatest self.




When you plant the seeds of hard work and perseverance, you will always reap for success. In life, believing in yourself is what makes you the person that you will likely become. Your gifted skills and unique talent will be the stepping stones for you to be able to reach the peaks of success. It is always a matter of focus and ability that you can realize all your dreams in life.

Let's not forget about love... One thing that you should know is "love is never lost," only we are lost. This strong feeling of attachment can bring so many joys and agonies in our life but what makes it fulfilling is that we can always find ourselves through love. One can say that, love has been the object of affection but the emotion itself is what really matters. Share love and be loved.

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Alzheimer’s is a disease that I wish on no one. Unfortunately my dad has it. Well,I came to Donnia for help because I couldn’t cope with it. I knew I was sent her way for a reason because in our session she was able to tell me that her mother has this disease too and the way she copes and her strength made me realize that I had to get out of my misery. I am now coping well with my dad and I have found ways to even make the best of the bad days with him. I thank God for people like Donnia. She is the best!!


Londyn B.




Donnia has only been advising me for 2 months now and I personally think her work ethic and drive is priceless. I had a melt-down a few weeks ago and do you know she actually took my call at 2 a.m. and acted unbothered. She is incredible!! I found out about her from my friend who spoke highly about a script Donnia was writing for her book and a mutual friend of ours had me read it and the book was sooo good, well the little I read but it inspired me too. She turned this fiction book from a must read adult but yet conservative writing and added these inspirational sayings. I can’t explain it but you have to read this book when she publish it. I knew then if she can move me to tears in this little passage I read, then what is she like in real life.


Micheele A.

I would have never thought I would wake up a Sunday Morning googling Life Coaches. I am a counselor and you would think I know everything but hey no one’s life is perfect. I am very educated but knowledge isn’t ambition and courage neither. I was going through a crisis and I needed someone who doesn’t know me and God led me to this women. There is no way any one could have helped me overcome my obstacles like Donnia. I prayed and prayed and God answered me and I am convinced that it takes more than education to advise someone, it takes compassion, ambition and patience. And she had all that I mentioned and more. She helped me find what I couldn’t figure was missing in my life. I give God all the glory for placing the right people in my life. Thanks Ms. Donnia!!


Earnest J