Donnia Marie

Communication Degree

Founder & President of DonniaMarie LLC, Life Coach, Author, Actress and one heck of an entrepreneur!

Our Founder & President of DonniaMarie Coaching Donnia, can guide you through many things such as making a big change in your life. Donnia can be trusted to ask for help in balancing your life and work, setting new goals, creating work life balance.  She can help you in improving your life or pursuing your dreams. But of course you have to have the will power for it. She can only advise you.She can support you in creating that life that you want. She will also work with you to set your goals and achieve them. She will challenge you to be courageous in finding clarity and moving forward to a clearer path. You will learn to believe in your fullest potentials and get support to become that best person that you want to be.

Donnia Marie Coaching is here to give you a thorough understanding about your potentials in life. Embarking on the biggest challenge such as motherhood, love life, finances, career or whatever issues there may be, her passion is to be there to help you.

If you feel that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, it is possible that our coaching can help. You may feel unhappy in your life, but may not be sure why. DonniaMarie Coaching can help you to clarify things and allow you to focus to improve your future. We can help you decide on your set of actions in getting there.

A lot of people are coming to us for career, life, love life coaching utilizing our coaching skills and background in gaining happiness. While every client is unique with their requirements, we are great at the things that we do. We coach people and see them grow into better individuals that they wanted to be. We have combined our qualifications, experience, training and people development skills that enable our clients to achieve the following:

  • Get more direction, purpose and focus

  • Manage their work effectively

  • Acknowledge and appreciate their abilities, skills and achievements

  • Feel more positive, optimistic and confident

  • Review their own career options

  • Clarify  their set of values and understand important things to them

  • Achieve a good life-work balance

  • Be the true people that they want to be

I doubted people about the possibilities that life coaches can be a benefit in life. Until I met this lady here. She was a speaker at a conference I attended and she made an impact on almost everyone in that room.

I never met anyone who can speak so much encouragement in so little time. Not only that, she knows how to come up with these plans that seem so perfect. She inspired me to let go of the past and move forward in my life.


Amber K.



We Understand You!


Donnia Marie Coaching has its goal of giving a message and fulfilling its mission to making things happen for you. We believe that you are in the right place.  We spot things in businesses and people that others, specifically people themselves, don’t. Established with enthusiasm and energy, our staff is unafraid of the challenging practices and assumptions that get in the way of your success.

We have a remarkable passion and commitment for what we do.  Most importantly, we deliver the best results. We pay attention to the things that you see as important to you. Are you satisfied and happy with all those aspects of your life? Do you feel stuck in any of these areas? Are there changes and difficult decisions you need to make in your career, spiritual path, career or family life? Do you have to increase your motivation and confidence in doing things? Do you desire a positive, stress-free and more peaceful life?


Imagine working with us, Donnia Marie Coaching is your champion that supports you in achieving professional and life dreams goals. The time is right for you to take the first small steps to get where you want to be and change your life!