Donnia Marie

The intent of this very section isn't to tell you how perfect or well rounded I am as a person but more so how imperfect I am as a human that has been able to strive and accomplish things despite life's challenges.


I've been coaching for over eight years but not in a traditional way where I went to school because I wanted to be a life coach. It landed in my lap after helping someone redirect their views on life, allowing them to see the bigger picture on their own. From there, word of mouth and genuine relationships lead to a solid client list.

Before entering college and earning my Communications Degree at Georgia State University, I already owned a business. Without a helping hand from anyone I learned the ropes of making my company an LLC, started the business account with an EIN even as far as building business credit. Not to mention the back office of designing a website, how to run a business in person and online with success. All of this by the age of twenty-two. This is why I also have a passion for guiding those about to graduate high school and progressing in and out of college. It's so important to set yourself up because we all will fall short but having a plan in place helps. As much as I enjoy advising those in that age range, I find more seasoned individuals taking advantage of my services. No matter the age we are all working towards something, right?

My passion is to guide others in a direction where they will feel fulfilled. We all want that dream job, family life, thriving friendships and a plethora of things but in all actuality, nothing happens without a solid foundation within you. No one can make you happy. That's where I come in. I don't tell you how to live your life or how to become that author you dream of. We do it together. I target the battle that keeps you stagnant. Then I push you to dig deep. 

The difference between me and another coach, in my opinion, is my life experiences and ambition from a young age and the genuine passion I have in seeing people succeed. My gift in motivating and influencing others isn't something that can be taught. It's something that you have to have naturally. It's within the heart.

My services vary and are highly customizable. I don't necessarily focus on one area. But before I work with you, we WILL have a 1on1 consult to make sure your goals align with what I feel I can help you with.

Sessions are usually done in person, over the phone, or Skype. Many of my clients enjoy the online sessions due to their location and schedule but I'm flexible. 

Life Coach Sessions are geared towards an end goal. We concentrate on the issues blocking you from achieving success and maneuver in a direction conducive to winning results. This session is focus based.

Talk 1on1 is a service I started a year after launching my coaching business. A lot of individuals don't want a coach. They are seeking someone to talk to, one whom they can trust. Yep, I said it, simple as that! Truthfully, 40% of my clients fall into this category and the numbers are increasing. This service allows a client to vent or chat about anything that may be troubling them. I listen and gauge in conversation providing honest feedback.

Full disclaimer: I am not a therapist by all means but a great effective communicator that's not judgmental. After finding my clients wanting to talk their problems out with me, I decided to make my services official.

Specialized Sessions: Online Workshops
Caregiver (Coping/Work/Life Balance)
How to become a self-published author
Creating Multiple Streams of Income
Acting 1on1 (Atlanta Guide)
Investing (Stock)

I call it specialized because I can relate to every area, for instance, I understand the caregiver section because my mother had Alzheimer's and I can connect.

I am a self-published author of several series that are best sellers on Audible. At least at this moment that I am writing this, they are. I did the process from start to finish, so I know the ropes.

I am a firm believer in multiple streams of income and breathe it.

I am an actress here in Atlanta. 

And my favorite on the list above, Investing! I've learned a lot and still am.

The above workshops are done twice a year but feel free to email me if you have an interest and I'll see what I can do.

Speaker/Motivational/Subject Focused: Inquiries should be sent via email.